Turbo10 Electrical Log Splitter HLS10T

Perfect for backyard or indoor use where clean, quiet operation is important, Lumber King 10 ton electrical-powered horizontal log splitter offers the perfect combination of portability and power.
This 10ton electric log splitter provides ease of operation along with high production rates. A powerful motor drives the hydraulic splitting ram to 10 tons of force at the splitting wedge face, making quick work of tough, knotty logs up to 12-14 inch in diameter and 20.5” in length.
The log ram is powered by an integrated hydraulic pump that draws a constant supply of clean fluid from a 0.95 gallon tank fitted with an internal filter. The solid steel ram face, durable integral wedge unit, and heavy steel guide rail are built to last. An optional bolt-on log cradle makes solo operation easy, and an optional cross-splitting wedge allows for the production of quarter round wood. The entire unit sits at a comfortable operating height, and sturdy 8” wheels make it easy to transport the splitter.


ETL Approved and powerful induction motor
Two -speed &Auto-return control valve
Fast-speed forward for splitting :5 seconds
This auto-return valve makes pusher stops at any position for splitting length adjustment. to save time;
8” sturdy wheel to transport splitter easily, 9”wheel is also available
Operation Height:27.50”
Hydraulic oil included.