FAQ About a Firewood Processor

It is normal to have questions about a product before ordering it. Here at Fellotool, we want you to feel comfortable and well-informed about our log splitters before making a decision. Whether you are interested in a gas wood splitter or electric log splitter, we are here to help you select the ideal one for you. We understand this might be your first firewood processor purchase, so we wanted to answer the most frequently asked questions ahead of time, to ensure our customers have access to accurate information. We cover our warranty, assembly, oil, and more in the questions below. We want all of our customers to be safe, so we also recommend reading the manual to operate the machinery correctly. We know you might still have more questions, so you can call our customer service line at 1-800-390-6681 for additional assistance and information. If you prefer, we can also communicate through email.

1.Where can you buy Lumber King brand log splitter?
Lumber King log splitters are available at Amazon.ca and our e-commerce website—-www.lumberkinglogsplitters.com

2. What brand engine is used by Lumber King log splitter?
Such reliable American brands as Briggs &  Stratton or LCT (Liquid Combustion Technology) engines are applied on gas log splitters, whose engines enjoy convenient service network.

3.Gas log splitter needs to be assembled?
Yes, it does, and another person is recommended for assistance.And please read the assembly procedures carefully in the instruction manual.

4. Is the log splitter with hydraulic oil?
No, the volume of hydraulic oil for oil tank and cylinder for different models of splitters is stated in the manual.
Hydraulic oil specification: SAE 10W AW32

5.Is engine oil filled up?
No, The amount of engine oil and fuel to be filled as below direction:
208cc engine—-0.16 gallon engine oil; 0.95 gallon petrol fuel;
306cc engine—–0.42 gallon engine oil;1.7 gallon petrol fuel;

6.What is the first step to do before operating the log splitter?
At first carefully check all parts to be assembled for operation, then read the manual carefully for all points of correct operation and safety attentions.

7.Is oil tank dipstick(vent screw) has to be loosened before operation?
Yes, loosen it in 3–4 turns for air bleeding purpose.

8.Before splitting, does the splitting wedge/ram need to move for several cycles?
Yes, after starting the engine, please keep the ram extending and retracting several cycles so that hydraulic oil flows well in the cylinder. Especially in winter below freezing temperature,it allows log splitter to warm up in hydraulic fluid circulation.

9. What is warranty?
Engine is two years guarantee for residential use.
Machine is one year limited warranty for residential use;
Hydraulic parts are one year guarantee for residential use.

10. How does the hydraulic valve work?
When splitting,move valve lever/handle into forward position and do not release your hand untill wood is split; then move the handle into backward position, then the wedge will get auto return without keeping hand on the handle/lever.

11 .How to select the type of log splitter?
To select the right type of log splitter is mainly determined by the diameter of green/seasoned log you will split.

The below chart will help you understand how to make a better choice.
Log diameter: 6″–10″ seasoned; 12″seasoned; 12″-14″green; 16″-20″ seasoned; 22″seasoned; 24″green
5—6ton; 7-10ton; 12–16ton; 20–22ton; 25ton; above 30ton;